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Boscawen Park has many attractions for a varied range of wildlife. The park is built up on reclaimed land formed over a long period of time from the estuary which now flows to the southwest of the main park.

The estuary itself brings in its own wild life, with a wealth of estuary birds such as waders, divers, cormorants and ducks. There are also, through the winter months a great number of swans who visit. In fact the winter months are a good time to look for estuary birds altogether, as they come closer to the park looking for shelter from the winters weather.

Shelducks can often be spotted at the Sunny Corner end of the park. The best time to see them is during December and January, but if you look around you should be able to see them all through the year.

Waders like Whimbrels and Curlews are not too difficult to find. The best time for Whimbrels is between April and September whereas the Curlew can be seen or heard all through the year.

Leaving the Estuary and going into the park, we find more bird life with the surrounding pine trees being filled with sound of Rooks. These birds can be heard all through the year. They are early nesters, with eggs appearing in February, this is when they are particularly noisy.
The Rooks have got quite used to seeing people in the Park and will often come up quite close to. Keep an eye out for particular friendly chap called Cyril. He likes to hang around the coffee area and is partial to a piece of sponge cake.

Redwings are a common visitor to Boscawen. They pay us a visit from places like Scandinavia and Iceland. Look out for them between September and early April. The pond area at the park contains probably the most diverse wild life population. We have of course the ducks, which appreciate a slice of bread from visitors every now and then. We have many visitors such as Little Grebes, Wigeons and Teals which are mainly around during the winter.