Boscawen Park is an 8 acre open space situated on the banks of the Truro River on the outskirts of Truro. The park comprises sport fields, tennis courts, formal gardens with ornamental flower beds, contemporary art installation, a small cafe and an ageing play area. The park is the largest open space in Truro and brings together a wide range of Truro’s residents alongside visitors from further afield, participating in a range of activities.

While there have been a number of new pieces of play equipment over the years limited annual parks budgets have meant there has been limited improvements to the play facilities. As a result the children’s play area is old, tired, lacks play value and challenge for children’s development and is in desperate need of updating in order to meet the demands of the park’s users.


About The Friends of Boscawen Park

The Friends of Boscawen Park is a group of Truro residents including parents who are committed to improving the opportunities for play at Boscawen Park. In the short time since they came together in 2012 the group has managed to raise £200,000 to rebuild the play area through a combination of small-scale fundraising with cake sales and donations alongside large scale contributions including most notably a £100,000 grant from SITA Cornwall Trust. The group has also received £60,000 from Cornwall County Council as part of its Section 106 money and the rest from Truro City Council.

“We want to create an exciting interesting environment for children of all ages, using  a combination of natural play equipment and fun activities”